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Where Are You Going So Fast?? - Day 4

I rushed past a friend of mine and her son walking down the sidewalk.  I had Ginger by the hand, pulling.  We had just dropped her siblings off at school and were heading back to the car for the next thing. We hurried, but my friend and her son meandered.  Her son was showing her things he discovered along the way while she followed his lead and walked at his pace.

As we passed, us Moms exchanged pleasantries while in the background, my mind wondered how nice it must feel to have time to walk slowly with her son like she was.  We got to the car, I plopped Ginger in her car seat, buckled, ran around to my side, buckled, turned the car on....and met my friend's eyes in the distance again.  She waved while her son crouched on the sidewalk, looking at something. It started to dawn on me, the only deadline I had to meet was one of my own making. I was rushing just to catch myself, and rushing my sweet little girl along with me.

I walked through the rest of that day with new eyes thanks to my friend.  I felt the pull of my hand as I made Ginger's stride try to match my own.  I heard my voice repeating, "hurry up!" "let's go lightning speed!" "We've gotta go NOW!" and too many other exclamation points.  I realized how little I was actually looking at her instead of dragging her behind me while I collected check marks on my "to-do" list.  Watching my friend give up the few extra minutes it took to walk the sidewalk at her child's pace instead of hers and was profound. I was jealous of her heart's ability to let his pace rule her world.  I was jealous of the grace and peace and wonder that she seemed to have found on the sidewalk.

Slow down sweet Mommas.  You aren't supposed to be rushing through life with preschoolers.  Their short little legs are meant to be a clue to us that life needs to be lived slower with our young ones.  This lifestyle won't come naturally to most of us. It will need to be fought for and wrested from the clutches of a culture that wants you to do everything but experience nothing.  Follow my friend's follow your child's lead and slow the pace.  It will be magical for them and a balm for you.

When you follow your child's lead you'll actually be following the Good Shepherd's lead. This how he cares for you, my friends,

Isaiah 40:11
"....He will tend his flock like a shepherd;
He will gather the lambs in His arms;
He will carry them in His bosom,
and gently lead those that are with young."


  1. It sounds like a trite old lady expression....but as I'm sitting here next to my almost 20 year "baby" I can't resist telling you that It. Goes. So. FAST!!! Thanks so much for reading Jennifer!!

  2. Thank you! I needed this today. Love you, friend.

  3. Have you read Hands Free Mama? It rocked my face off and is in this same vein.

    1. I have not read it Holly....but it's on my reading list now! I love adding books to my list that come with a recommendation like that...."it rocked my face off!" AWESOME!!!

    2. You're quite welcome. She has a Facebook page and her nuggets are gold. The Holy Spirit pokes at my heart a lot through her words...


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