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3 Things to Pray for Your Kids TODAY - Day 9

Today I'm going to let you in on a secret....actually 3 secrets.  I want to pass on to you 3 little prayers I've learned that will fill in the cracks, cover up your parenting screw-ups and manage your children's mistakes.  Whether your first baby is kicking your ribs from the inside right now or is old enough to drive a car and get married, NOW is the time to begin bringing these petitions before God.

To the untrained ear these words might sound like magical incantations.....a desperate, against-all-odds hope that you can change destiny.  That evaluation couldn't be any farther from the truth.  These are prayers of a confident heart that knows that God is the only one with the power to change hearts.  He is deeply concerned about how our kids turn out....because they're really His kids after all, aren't they?  So we pray and believe....and parent.

1.  "Please protect my children from my parenting."

The first, most important prayer I learned from my Momma as I heard her pray it over me.  My Mom approached parenting from ground zero, knowing that she needed training and supernatural power to achieve her goals.  The way that she had been parented felt like more of a liability to her than a starting point and she was desperate to change the course of our family tree.  She did more study about parenting that anyone I've ever seen, and then she prayed this prayer.  Often.  And Out Loud.  She wanted God to fill in the gaps and give me the things I needed that she couldn't provide.  She cried out to Him to protect me from the things that she was getting wrong despite her best efforts.

The most profound thing hearing this prayer from my Momma's lips did for me wasn't the protection and parenting help it provided.  I grew up with a deep-seated confidence that when I wasn't sufficient, God most certainly would be.  One of the best gifts I've ever been given is a humble Mom who I watched, and heard, depend on God's power in her life.

2.  "God, let my children get caught when they do things wrong." 

This lesson came from a mentor of mine, Sue.  I remember the brain-bending quality her words had when I first heard them.  It's so easy as a Mom to get confused and think that my job is to protect my kids from pain when sometimes pain is exactly what they need.  If my goal is to raise independent adults who are self-regulating and a blessing to society, then I can't short-circuit earned consequences, because they are powerful teachers.  A goal oriented Mom knows that the younger a child is who makes a mistake, the cheaper the lesson is that comes along with it.  A mom who really believes this might secretly fist-pump as her preschooler steals something from the grocery's why.

A preschooler who steals a candy bar while his mom is shopping will need to apologize to the store manager and then do extra chores at home to pay Mom back for the candy.  That is a strong lesson learned at a cheap price.....a much cheaper price than a high schooler who steals a TV from Best Buy, spends a couple nights in Juvie and has a criminal record before he graduates.  A 2nd grader who cheats on a test gets a zero on a test and has a serious conversation with an important school person.  That's a cheap lesson compared to an adult who learns the cost of cheating by losing their job and way to support their family....or even the college student who learns the cost of cheating by losing a scholarship and needing to transfer back home the community college to finish.  

Another really awesome thing about your kid getting caught and having outside consequences teach a lesson is that you don't have to be the bad guy for this one.  When my child faces a hard lesson at school, I get to be the one who comes along side them to help them through it.  I can commiserate about how hard consequences can feel and tell them about times when I faced something similar.....and be heard by their heart in a different way than if I was the one bringing the pain.

3.  "Ask God to send other truth-speaking adults into your children's lives."

No matter what age your kids are, littlies to boys who shave, you need to not be the lone voice of truth in their lives.  Hearing the same things you say will suddenly compute when it's spoken by a college kid who dresses cooler than you.....or a youth leader who took them on a missions trip.....or a teacher who won't let them settle for less than their best.  My mentor, Sue encouraged me to tell God often how much I wanted these people in my kids lives, and then keep my eyes peeled because He would send them!

Start early asking God to bring people to your kids that are willing to invest in them.  After you pray, get busy!  Send your kids to youth group.  Make them be the regular kids who the youth leaders know the best.  If a teacher who you really respect is taking kids on a trip, make sure your kid goes.  Don't be shy about asking people to take a special interest in your child.  Offer the college kid in your church who's heart is on fire for God $20 to take your kid out for Frosty's.  Hire those godly college students to tutor your kids or teach them skills your kids are interested in.  Do whatever it takes to give truth-telling voices in your kids' livesa megaphone.

And, as a side note, look for opportunities to be that person in other kids' lives too.  Your friends' kids, kids running through the halls of your church, the kids who live next door could all use another voice speaking truth.  Their parent's will be grateful....and your own kids might even benefit from what you give.

 Whoever said, "What goes around comes around." might have been overheard the conversation I had with Sue last night.  This week she and  her husband took my son and his girlfriend out to dinner, and just hung out with them.  I thanked her being willing to make such an investment in their relationship and told her how much it meant to me.  She smiled a knowing smile and reminded me of the time I've spent with her daughters in our youth group.  Funny that I hadn't connected those dots myself yet.....I guess Sue is still teaching me!  I was thanking her for being something she had taught me to ask God for and then she thanked me for the same thing!  It's cool to be that for each link arms with a friend and pinky promise to care about each other's kids.

These 3 prayers are simple, yet profound.  They will change you and change your children.....that's what we're after, right??  So hit your knees Momma, let's get some work done!


  1. Good reading. Helpful reading. Thank you, friend.

    1. It's nice to see your thoughts here. Thanks for the encouragement and tight hugs!


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