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Red-headed Blessings

We celebrated yesterday.  Florida baby #5 took the spotlight and had 24 hours of being the one with unlimited power to call trump.  It's so sweet to have a reason to stop the quest for fairness and unabashedly favor one above all others.  All of them deserve the chance to be the one and only for a bit.  I'm glad birthdays make it happen. Elena's 8th birthday landed on a Sunday so it began with the "get ready for church" routine.  I woke her up a little more slowly with a few extra kisses and giggles.  Laney and I lingered in front of her closet debating over Sunday morning birthday attire.  She's got a little Fancy Nancy in her that peeks out between her tomboy efforts every now and then.  Fancy Nancy took over yesterday because of the hairstyle .  One of Laney's besties had a birthday party on the hair salon.  We raced to the hair salon after a morning of soccer games.  Elena shed the muddy cleats and forgot the jammed finger she s

Juicy Tidbits

Some news is just too juicy to keep to yourself.  Like a grade-school girl with a secret, almost before the news has time to settle in your own mind, you're imagining how fun it will be to tell someone else.  Know that feeling??  I've got it right now.... God's Word was juicy today.  My devotions need to go public.  It was so good I had a hard time forcing myself to finish and hear everything God wanted to say to me before I jumped up to tell you!  I need to share God's amazing-ness before the awe wears off!  I hope you're familiar with the concept of a mental train because I'm gonna take you for a ride on mine!  I apologize in advance for the jerks and jolts along the way and warn you that when you're on my train, in my brain you need to be ready for unanticipated jumps of the tracks and flights of fancy, so buckle up! If you've been watching my blog for long, or spending time with me in person during the last year, you've probably heard me ta