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Keep Moving...

God's Word spoke to my worries again this week, in a big enough way  that I'm willing to type with just my thumbs to tell you about it! No internet today, bugger's been giving me problems all month!  No internet, but I do have shiny new phone that let's me blog on the go!  Might be dangerous though....for a couple reasons..... 1.  The phone has a very robust spell correct, and when you're typing on a touch screen, anything can happen.  It keeps trying to change "God's" to "fiscal"....hmmm...I could go somewhere with that contrast...  2.  Multitasking to this level could be dangerous.....that's how my previous phone got dropped in the sink!  That's why I'm reduced to thumb typing today! So, first the worries....just this past week I blubbered to my table group at church about how I'm already starting to worry about the forms and cash part of this adoption experience being over.  I know it's a long way off....but I'm r

A Long Overdue Adoption Floodgates Update!

This adoption update is as overdue as a 45 week's ankles are swollen, it can't tie it's own shoes anymore, and it just plain wants the big moment to arrive!!  Well, if there's a perfect moment to birth a blog post, it's gotta be now.  Sister's down for a nap, there's a fall wind pushing the leaves around outside my window, the fire's blazing, I've got a snoring dog at my feet and a hot cup of tea on my desk. Oh goodness....and a ray of sunlight just beamed out of the sky, through the window onto me!  The bloggy angels are singing! So much has been happening....I feel like I sound like a broken record saying that, it's at the beginning of each adoption update.  But those are the facts.  God keeps rolling this ball forward even though my life is as crazily busy as it's ever been!  So, my dear friends....never let me hear any of you say you wish you could adopt too, but your life is just too busy right now.   That one will