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Why Discipleship Is Worth Sweating Over - The Glorious Table guest post

She was young, she was loud, and she made me sweat. This thirteen-year-old girl could get me more off my game than most. She wasn’t like the other girls in my group. Those girls nodded their heads while I talked and hid their nerves behind polite conversation. Not Britt. Every Wednesday I fought flutters in my belly as my mind settled on Britt. She had questions about everything and those questions felt like a bright spotlight on all the things I didn’t know.  Read more at The Glorious Table... Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

The Awakening

 I can imagine the face of the Samaritan woman in John 4. You would expect downcast eyes but I think bold, challenging eye contact was her armor. Her face bore the hardness of one unfair day after another. There was a forced beauty about her...evidence that she was an expert at trying hard. I wish I could know her name. I would love to friend her on facebook and then meet up for coffee. She knows secrets about how Jesus wakes up a dry, numb heart. Those are secrets that all of us who mentor and reach out to lives around us need to hear. The first words out of her mouth when Jesus asked her for a drink sound like echoes of the attitudes I've encountered over the years in my small group of high school girls. For every handful of soft, eager learners I always find a girl with a heart like a rock. A girl who makes even an innocent request for a drink a challenge. I imagine the Samaritan woman pointing her finger at Jesus and spitting out the cold, hard truth of her unworthiness be