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Devoted & Together

Fairy tales make us think of princesses and castles and happily ever afters.  We ooh and ahh over the idea but secretly sigh with regret as the grown-up knowledge that fairy tales aren't the stuff of real life overtakes us.  We even start to use the term "fairy tale" to be a euphemism for things that can't possibly be true.  But we're wrong! We've been so blinded by that single, shining end moment that we completely forget everything that came before! The meatiest part of fairy tales, the part that's satisfying and keep us coming back for more is the part that's the most like real life.  Even in it's disney-fied form, the tale of Sleeping Beauty is full of darkness and struggle.  The happy celebration at the beginning quickly takes a dreadful turn as Maleficent appears.  Just hearing her name is enough to clue us into what's coming, but to make sure we understand, the castle is filled with darkness and the music turns minor.  Evil has ente