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Homestudy Update

Well, things are happening....although sometimes it feels like the wheels grind slowly.  Waiting is weird.  I'm riding the teeter-totter between the ants in my pants and an extreme desire to take a nap.  This process is rush, rush, rush when there are things for us to do....and wait, wait, wait when there are things for the 'powers that be' to do.  My goal is to float through the process with such calm serenity that I'll fly to Ethiopia with  Oil of Olay model skin, instead of adding a crop of new worry wrinkles between now and then.  I have a sneaking suspicion thAT sprinkled among my smooth-browed Olay moments will be a few "SERENITY NOW!!' moments too...OK, maybe more than a few.... The news is this:  One of the pieces of our homestudy is official clearance from every state we've lived in since the age of 18 stating that we're not child abusers.  Apparently Michigan and Florida have a much smoother system than Pennsylvania.  I mailed the origi

Death of a Salesman

That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know there's no way out of doing something you really, really don't want to do... you know that feeling?  I hate that feeling.  I mean hate that feeling.  I spend a lot of energy avoiding that feeling.  They say that more people have a profound fear of public speaking than of dying.  Public speaking doesn't bother me too much, I much prefer it to dying.  But.... make me a salesman, put me in a commission based job with pressure attached???  Much prefer dying to that one. I sold baseball cards once, over the phone.  I didn't really choose the job, it just kinda happened.  My senior year of college and first year of married life.  I was busy doing student teaching, finishing up my undergrad classes and playing house with a cute new hubby but I needed to earn a bit of cash to keep the fairy tale going.  The job was part-time, fit my schedule and let me go to work with my soul mate and college friends - who coul

This Week's Special Opportunity

I've been reading a lot of adoption blogs lately....hearing other people's stories does so much for giving courage to my own heart.  Clicking from one link to another led me to another great organization that has a heart for orphans, Ethiopia & adoptive families - Ordinary Hero. They do local outreaches, advocate for children waiting to be adopted and lead missions trips to Africa. You can read can read more about what they do at their blog HERE They offer a similar fundraising service to adoptive families as Just Love Coffee.  So, for those of you who don't like coffee, the Ordinary Hero Store sells all kinds of cool t-shirts, hat,s bags and travel mugs.  The cool thing is that  40% of all purchases that come through our referral goes toward our adoption expenses! Plus - they've got a special adoption grant offer just this week.  They are offering an additional  $500 grant to the top 3 sales affiliates.  The grant offer is only good for sales this coming week