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Coffee Fundraiser - $5 per bag goes straight to our adoption!!

We've got a large bill looming as soon as our homestudy is written up.  We've got about a third of the $10,500 waiting in the bank.  Our heads are confident that God has sent us here and so He's got His storehouses ready....but I'll admit that I've got some butterflies that appear in my stomach if I think about it too long!!

One of my favorite ways to deal with stress is with a cup of coffee.  So smart, I know, add a caffeine jolt to the butterflies already flying like drunken sailors through my gut!  I've found some new coffees that I love for  a whole bunch of reasons at Just Love Coffee Roasters.

Just Love Coffee Roasters is a company that hand-roasts some amazing coffee from around the world in an effort to care for orphans.  I've been enjoying one of their Ethiopian coffees recently - delish!    They are working to address the bigger economic problems that have caused the huge numbers of orphans in countries like Ethiopia.  Their coffees are all purchased from small local farms using fair trade practices - this allows families around the world to support themselves and provide for their own children.  Part of the proceeds from each purchase also goes to support an orphanage in Ethiopia that cared for the owners 2 daughters before he adopted them.

The most amazing way they support orphans is by helping families like us fund our adoptions.  Each bag of coffee bought through our link will deposit $5 directly into our adoption fund!  That's what I call a win-win.... fabulous coffee that helps us answer God's call.

The coffee is hand-roasted after it's ordered and delivered fresh and fast.  We would love for you to check out our link yourself and pass it along to all your coffee loving friends!  Let me know what you think!

p.s. I'm trying to figure out how to put a cool button link on the side of the blog that goes straight to the coffee store - if you're an expert on such things, I'd love your help!


  1. Got the coffee button figured out! Thanks to my cousin Guinever for the blog mentoring!!


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