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How I'm Sure

Know the feeling of jumping into really cold water?  You go in feet first and feel it clamp around your chest and then try to yank that last desperate breath from behind clenched lips?  And then....the heart-pumping exhilarating feeling of being alive and desperate to move that comes when you break through, back to the surface?  We had our first home study appointment last Wednesday....we held hands, counted to three and jumped into water that took our breath away.  The meeting was full of details, questions asked, questions answered, timelines and requirements rolled out before us.  About an hour in, we got to THE question.  Our social worker, Kim, looked up from her notes and very casually asked, "So, how are you planning to pay for this?"  That's when we looked at each other, joined hands and said the icy cold water words, "We don't know how it's going to happen, but we're  sure God's calling us to it, and we're sure God's calling us

A Backpack Full of Stories

I've had a pile of stones in my heart for a long time, and from time to time, in various places I set stones in a pile that I can see and touch.  I've got lots of other piles in my life, ugly ones that have slowly built over time, piles that I don't like, didn't ask for, that suck the energy out of me.  Piles of laundry, piles of things to do, piles of papers to file, and more piles of laundry.  This pile is different.  This pile is mine on purpose, I've built it.  This pile puts a spotlight on Jesus that breathes life into me as it grows, makes me feel solid and settled and lifts my foot up for the next step of faith.  The stones remind me of moments, moments that have built my faith.  Just like the children of Israel, I've erected a monument in my soul to point my heart, and the hearts of future generations to the powerful God who is working in my life.  Looking at these rocks reminds me of the things I know, the things I've seen Him do on my behalf.  Th