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What's Next??

Processing has been slow for me.  I came home with a headcold and ears that stayed plugged up for 2 weeks....that put my thinking skills in molasses mode.  It's been 3 weeks since we've been home from the trip of a lifetime.  I realize I've left many of you in the dark, some thinking we already have the girls home, everyone wondering how the trip went and what's next.  I'm sorry.  I've realized as I've been praying for anxiously awaiting the next installment of my high school friend's blog who's just brought home 2 little sweeties from China, that I've left all of the Florida family prayer warriors in the dark.  Although I realize God's not in the dark and can convert your prayers to reflect the things you don't yet know....I want you to know because my heart needs you all with me. I want to take you along to Africa and let you meet my girls.  But first, let me tell you what's next.  Our last formality, last document driven hoop t

He Led Us Ginger-Leigh.....

Have you met Ginger??  If you have, you probably just smiled when you read that!  She leaves an impression, that girl! The mustache picture is very appropriate to this you will soon see! Our spicy Florida #6 was very much planned.  It's been 4 years since she arrived and her story hasn't been recorded anywhere but our hearts.  Her birthday seems like a good time to share! Her story has to begin with that fact that her Daddy really loves babies....I mean reeeeaaallly loves in, we would have 64 by now if money, time an logistics didn't have to be a factor in family planning!  So a common comment heard in the Florida house since the first Florida baby came along has been, "How 'bout another baby??  Why wouldn't we want to do that again!"  Now Ginger's Momma loves babies too....really loves babies.  But Ginger's Momma also gets tired, especially after 5 babies in 8 years, so Ginger's Momma just

Why Are We Doing This??

We're on the verge of this adoption moving from the "something we're doing" column to the "what we've done" column.  I've met my daughters, touched them and started falling in love with their sweet faces and voices.  It won't be long before you all meet them and fall in love too and they will be the faces of this story.  I'm so happy that's going to happen....because you're going to love them.  You're going to be captivated by who they are and what they bring to all of our lives.  You're going to wonder how our family was ever complete without them.  I can't wait. Last night, a song and portions of the book of Acts brought me right back to the beginning of this whole thing....and the first face that we fell in love with, the face that started the ball rolling and made this whole things happen.  Before it's about us, before it's about our girls, as sweet and deserving as they's been about Him and I

The New Us

Can't wait till I've got one of all of us together....but this is a good start!!    

He Knows My Name....

Two very precious possessions I packed in my suitcase for Africa were necklaces made by my sweet sister . These necklaces carry a lot of meaning from our hearts to the hearts of two Ethiopian hearts that are probably pumping with the same mixture of excitement and fear as ours.  I'll be wearing my own version of the same necklace, stamped with "Momma."  They'll each have a letter to read, that explains in 2 languages each thought and prayer.  When we leave, we'll leave them with our love and promise hanging around their necks.....until we come again.... Dear Asnaku, We have been praying and waiting for this day for many years, and finally it’s here.  God’s hand has been obvious leading and guiding in all of our lives to bring us together and make us family.  We had this necklace made for you (by your Aunt Kathy) to remind you of all the ways God has been caring for you and planning your future.  And our friend, Aster, who was adopted from Ethio