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Why I Haven't Been Writing

Because of everything....and because of nothing. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my backpack of stories .  Seems like a proper time to break the silence in celebration. It's been a year since we announced to the world that we heard God calling and we were ready to say "yes"....shout "YES!" It's been a year that we've been grieving for our brothers and sisters and babies in Africa.  We've been grieving for our own hearts too.  Since our eyes have been opened , we've become appalled at the selfishness and indifference we found in our own hearts.  It had kept us blissfully ignorant for the first 40 years of our lives.  That has been the deepest grieving and is teaching us desperate repentance. We will not live the same, regardless of what that means to our comfort or "American-ness."  My heart can't stand it anymore. It's been a year of cathartic writing.  This blog has been like a "plate of awesome with bodaci