Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Leaving, on a Jet Plane

The bags are packed....mostly.  The lists and instructions are taped all over the dining room walls.  The grandparents are moving in.  The cupboards are stocked with food.  The reservations have been made.

Now it's just us, one last night's sleep, and the beginning of the end of a road we stepped on over two years ago....and then the beginning of a brand new, lifelong road.  Have tell you, "Can't believe we're actually doing this!" has crossed my mind and come out of my mouth more than once the last few days.

I am every bit as excited and expectant as I've ever been on the way to the hospital.....the biggest difference is that if I'm a total dweeb when these new babies meet me for the first time, they're old enough to remember it!!  I'm dreaming of all the same things I did with my newborn babies.....wondering who they'll be someday....aching to kiss their temples and breathe them in....knowing that there are sleepless nights on their account in my future but not really caring.

This never gets old....this stepping into new mommyhood.  What a gift that I get to do it again this week!

We leave tomorrow, arrive in Addis Ababa on Wednesday morning (their time which is EST +8).  We'll be able to spend time with our girls Wednesday and Thursday and then go to court on Friday.  If all goes as planned that day, we'll sign on the dotted line and they'll be ours!

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